“Death has come to your little town, Sheriff!”

Happy Halloween everyone! I enjoyed painting Jason Vorhees so much, that I decided to go on with “classic” horror characters. Other than the “Friday” movies which I really don’t care about at all I have a thing for Michael Myers – even though I don’t like horror movies. To me he is not only the incarnation of a slasher, he is also almost always entertaining when he appears (that sounds strange, right?). Just a pure, evil slasher with a tiny bit of coolness. And we should not forget that we probably wouldn’t have seen Jamie Lee Curtis in her later movies if John Carpenter wouldn’t have casted her for the first movie in 1978 – what a big loss that would have been!

The miniature is again made by Studio Miniatures. Great sculpt with almost zero cleaning to be done. For the base I used the leaf stamp by Green Stuff World. The leaves give the miniature the right feeling of autumn and they are an easy way to provide Michael Myers with a thematic base. I’m totally happy with his general appearance. Trick or treat!

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